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  • Name: Hot Runner Temperature Control Modules
  • Number: HRTC-B/HRTC-G/HRTC-F2
  • Shelf time: 2018-10-11
  • Views : 188

Hot Runner Temperature Control Modules-Single zone modules


Part Number:HRTC-B, HRTC-G (LCD display), HRTC-F2(dual zone card



  • “℉” or “℃ temperature unit
  • “J” or “K” thermocouple types
  • Auto/Manual/Standby function
  • Output % display
  • Amperage measuring & display
  • Multi-diagnostic & alarm functions
  • Two temperature display resolution (1 or 0.1 unit)
  • Multi self-protect and equipment-protect function
  • SCR short/open checking
  • Large current limit
  • 380V voltage protection
  • Patented interface,completely avoid card broken
  • Optional remote standby input or alarm output
  • Compatible with DME, Athena, Polimold, etc.




Power supply AC85-265V, 50/60Hz Display Unit

Upper: 3-digit LED, red

Lower: 4-digit LED, green

Sensor Type T/C J or K    
Measurement Range 0-450℃(32-842℉) Setting Range 0-450℃ (32-842℉)
Measurement Accuracy ±0.25% FS Control Mode Auto-PID/Manual
Control Accuracy ±0.1% FS Output Type Zero Cross / Phase Angle
Power Switch Rocker Switch Load Capacity 15A, [email protected]
Working Temperature 0~55℃(32~132℉) Working Humidity 10~85%RH(No condensing)




  • Ultra-high or ultra-low Temperature
  • Thermocouple break, short or inverse
  • Thermocouple is out of its position
  • Heater break, short or overload
  • Output device is damaged
  • Thermocouple & heater misconnection
  • Fuse broken
  • Power supply is over voltage



  • Over voltage self-protected, and shut off output
     to protect heater
  • Thermocouple input protection,
    prevent module damaged by misconnection
  • Thermocouple & heater inverse protection,
    prevent thermocouple damaged by misconnection
  • Soft-start mode, avoid the moisture make the heater burn out
  • Max. load current can be limited




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